Hampden 53 penthouse featured in Chicago photoshoot

Corwin Partners teams up with Monika Dixon to showcase Hampden 53 penthouse

Penthouse C at Hampden 53 hosts nationally-recognized blogger and PR specialist, Monika Dixon

October 6, 2020
Monika Dixon

Nadia’s Fall Style

Outfit: Depop Shoes: Chanel Property: Corwin Partners Hempden 53
Outfit: Depop Shoes: Chanel Property: Corwin Partners Hampden 53

If I had to describe Nadia’s aesthetic in 3 words they would be eclectic, versatile and authentic.

Nadia is fearless and changes her look often. I have always felt that supporting her style and choices would guide her to become an independent young person. Her creative expression often surprises me…even if I tried my hardest I wouldn’t be able to put together her looks.

Nadia’s fall wardrobe is influenced by vintage finds from Depop. If you haven’t heard about that website yet you are “not up to date.” It was easy to shoot with Jules Kennedy at this gorgeous Chicago penthouse! For property details, scroll to the bottom.


Nadia’s combinations range from monochromatic with layered textures to bold colors and vibrant prints. Each outfit carefully curated by Nadia.

Jacket: Rejina Pyo Black Turtle Neck: Josh Brown Skirt: Adika Property: Corwin Partners Hempden 53
Jacket: Rejina Pyo Black Turtle Neck: Josh Brown Skirt: Adika Property: Corwin Partners Hampden 53
Outfit: Depop Shoes: Converse Property: Corwin Partners Hempden 53
Outfit: Depop Shoes: Converse Property: Corwin Partners Hempden 53


Find what your teen feels passionate about and lean into it.



Address: 2753 N Hampden Court, Penthouse C

Price: $2,399,900

Developer: ZSD

Agent: @corwinpartners


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